The photographs used for NPO Japan Diving Experience are provided from our support members

Kazushige Horiguchi

After working as a Chief Guide at Osezaki Japan, became a professional underwater photographer in 2018.
Presently a writer for Asahi News and many magazines.


NPO Japan Diving Experience  Director

Asia Natures Best 2016 Prize Winner (International Contest)
and many other Domestic Photo contest Prize Winner

Martin Voeller

An avid diver and photographer based in Tokyo, Japan.

He began diving in 2011 and has worked his way to becoming a NAUI Dive Master. 

NPO Japan Diving Experience Auditor

Owner of Poseidon Photos

The Blue Earth Underwater Photo Contest 2017  Grand Prize Winner

Kenji Ichimura

A PADI Divemaster and an amateur underwater photographer, who loves the Japanese ocean. Dedicated to introducing the wonderful Japanese Ocean to the world. 

Founder of NPO Japan Diving Experience 

Japan National Tourism Organization(2018-2020)


The Blue Earth Underwater Photo Contest  2018 2nd place Winner

The Blue Earth Underwater Photo Contest  2019 Prize Winner

The Blue Earth Underwater Photo Contest  2020 2nd place Winner

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