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On the day of Diving

(xxxx = " xxxx") English => Japanese Translation

1. After arriving at the diving shop

1)Find a staff.If you are not sure who the staff is, just ask around. Japanese are generally very friendly. They will understand you and help you look for a staff.
  (Where is the staff = "Sutaffu san imasuka?")

2)After finding the staff, tell them your name and that you already have a booking. They will be waiting you.
  (I have a booking = "Yoyaku arimasu")

3)Next, check
-Where to put your baggage 
(Where can I put my bags="Nimotsu okiba arimasuka?")

-Where the changing space are
(Where are the changing rooms="KouishitsuWa dochiradesuka?")

-Where the wash room is
(Where is the wash room?="OtoireWa dochiradesuka?")

-Where to put your gear (Where to set up your gear)
(Where can I put my Diving Gear?="Kizai Wa dokoniokeba iidesuka?")

-Where the showers are
(Where is the shower?="Shawa-Wa dochiradesuka?)

-Where the gear washing areas are
(Where can I wash my gear after Diving?="Kizai araiba Wa dochiradesuka?")

-Where to dry your gear
(Where can I dry my gear?="Kizai Wa dokode kawakasemasuka?")

-What to do with your valuables
(Where can I keep my valuables?="Kicyo-hin Wa azukeraremasuka?")

Ask slowly and they should understand.

2. When to get ready

Once you know the basic layout of the facility, they should tell you when to get ready and how much you should be ready.
For example;  "Here  09:00, wear wet suite"
                         "Ready 09:00, put gear here, wear wetsuit to waist
It is alway OK to ask.

3. Briefing
In Japan, briefing is always done. Either by your guide group or with all of the guest at the shop.

Please Check
-Your Guide and your Guide Group.
(Who is my guide?="Watashino gaido Wa donatadesuka?")

4. As it is a guide dive
-They will tell to stay with the group. Stay with your buddy.(If you are alone, they will assign you with a buddy, normally with other guests.
They will tell you to stay within arms length with your buddy.(It is importtant to do this as the visibility may be bad. You don't want to be seperated in murky waters.)

-They will tell you what to do when you are seperated. They will always all tell you to stay where you are, look around for about a minute and start your accend.
Do a safty stop if you feel safe. If not accend to the surface. Throw away your weight belt off if you don't feel safe. And wait for your guide to join you.
(What should I do when I am lost?="rosuto no toki dousureba iidesuka?")

-The guide will usually take 5-6guests in a group. As mentioned above, your are assigned a buddy. The buddy pair are supposed to follow the guide in a single file.
The more skilled buddy pair will take the rear. If you are not confident in the new area, make sure your are near your guide.
They are there to guide you and support you.
(Can I stay near you/Guide?="Gaido san no soba ni ite iidesuka?")

5. Air consumption
Please check with our Guide, when he/she want to know the air consumption rate. Remember Japan uses BAR not PSI. If you are usuing your own PSI gauge, make sure you show your guide your gauge.
Because it is a guide dive with other guests, the dive time will depend on the air consumption as a group.

After arriving at the diving shop
When to get ready
As it is a guide dive
Air consumption
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