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Images of what you can see in Japan


Shark Scramble at Ito Tateyama is one and only Shark diving point in the world. The owner started feeding the local hound sharks after an arrangement with the local fisherman. The fisherman had long had an issue with the sharks in the nets, damaging the fishes for the market.  With the fishermans proposal, Diving shop "Bommie" started feeding the sharks but with difficulties. The shy hound sharks didn't respond to the feeding for a few years. Finally, a small school of  sharks started appering at the feeding site few years ago, and since them it has grown to few hundred sharks everyday 365 days a year.

Location: 1.5Hour drive from Center of Tokyo.

"Shark Scramble" Ito Tateyama, Chiba-Pref
"Macro Heaven"Osezaki Izu Shizuoka-Pref

Osezaki is our home ground diving spot. It is a mecca for Macro Photographers all around Japan. Numerous types and numbers of Micro nudibranchs, Shrimps and crabs. Small gobbies and rare deep water species come up to this point.

It is about 130km from Tokyo. A day trip away from center of Tokyo. A definate choice for underwater photographer. Please bring your Macro gear!

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